Introducing Yapa

Today, we’re officially pleased to announce the launch of Yapa. Disrupting and changing the App world for the better.
Our big revolution and first of it’s kind, is that there will be no photos on Yapa. Nor is about the number of ‘likes’ or follower counts. We are putting your mental health at its deserved forefront.
You send out Yaps dependant on your mood and you can connect with friends or well-known personalities from sports people to celebrities.
If you’re feeling really bad (we hope not) then we’re also supplying a local help feature based on your exact location.
Chris Kirkland, ex-England and Liverpool goalkeeper stated; “Yapa is what the app space has been missing for years. It will become one of the social app leaders”.
Current Premier League footballer at Burnley FC, Aaron Lennon stated; “Speak out, it’s okay to not be okay, that is why Yapa is going to be so great for everyone”.
Founder of Yapa, Jack Knowles, added; “Yapa has been well over a year in the making now and we’re ecstatic that it is now here for the world to see. ‘The future of social media’ and ‘everyone will be downloading Yapa’ have been stated for a reason. Yapa is for everyone, whether you’re in high school or retired”.
We hope you like Yapa has much as we do! And more than anything else, happy Yap’ing!
Team Yap